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Movie Review: Sex Tape



         I love Jason Segel.  Forgetting Sarah Marshall is just fantastic.  Sex Tape is essentially FSM but with more nudity and a few less pounds on Segel, plus a script that’s a few calibers lower.  Alright, so maybe the only similarity is Segel and a blonde counterpart.

         While Cameron Diaz and Segel have good chemistry and the idea of the movie is interesting, the execution isn’t as inventive as it could be, and the movie feels longer than it needs to be.  When a movie gets to a dog-chase scene that involves a dog being beat up by a treadmill (spoiler: the dog is okay.  Otherwise this review wouldn’t exist because I wouldn’t have been able to finish the movie), and then launches into cocaine usage by a mom and little further character development, it’s a signal that it’s gone sour.

         That’s not to say I didn’t laugh—I did—and I think it’s worth a viewing.  It’s good for what it is, and I’d encourage you to go.  Just maybe not expecting to see another puppet Dracula musical.


Number of dogs that are great in this movie: 1

Number of times Cameron Diaz is great she didn't eat that burger while filming this movie: 400

Stars: 2.5 out of 5

Bob's TAKE:

Many classic comedies have plots that fall apart with even the slightest scrutiny. This may be the only trait that Sex Tape has in common with the great comedies of all time, as it has a plot so flimsy that it feels like it was written on a napkin with hamburger grease as the ink. The film relies on Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz to make decisions that make no sense for their characters to make which puts them in outlandish situations, prompting more illogical behavior. This would be fine if the outlandish situations were imaginative or carried big payoffs, but the filmmakers never seem to be aim big with their laughs. Segal and Diaz are likable and they have good chemistry, so the film is still pleasant enough to watch, but the end-result is an inconsequential film that you will see on Netflix in two years and struggle to figure out if you saw it or if you just watched the trailer. 

Stars: 2/5  

How does it compare to other Jason Segel movies?

Better than: Slackers

Worse than: Forgetting Sarah Marshall and every other Jason Segel comedy.