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Movie Review: Gravity

Ocean's 14: Out of this Planet

Ocean's 14: Out of this Planet


Allie's Take:

If you’ve seen the previews for Gravity, save yourself the $10 (or $12, or $15) and check this movie off your list. Sandra Bullock plays an astronaut who is stuck in space with George 

Clooney, and although the idea is interesting and the situation terrifying, Gravity fails to deliver. I know, I know—almost every review of this movie is favorable, but to me, the cinematography didn’t make up for the (I’m sorry to be frank) intense boredom that I felt while watching the film.

This is a movie with tremendous potential—astronauts trapped in space with no way to get home. What is more stressful or tension-filled than that? It turns out a lot. While it’s a good idea with great filming, the actual bulk of the movie turns out to just be Sandra flying around in space. Interesing for the first half hour, but not so much the rest of the movie. And, I forgot to mention, that first half hour is amplified by (and carried by) George Clooney, who plays her foil astronaut, a character with much more charisma than the writers dared to allow Bullock to portray. 

Stars: 2 out of 5

Why to see this movie: For George Clooney’s 15 minutes of fame

What to bring to the movie: A pillow, for napping


Bob's Take: 


This website may lose credibility for 2 reviews panning a near-universally acclaimed film but sometimes what appears to be a shooting comet is just some trash on fire (okay, those two probably never actually get confused for each other).  Much like female characters in James Bond flicks, this movie is beautiful and poorly written. A cheap, generically tragic back story is the only characterization for the woman we're with for the entire movie. The other complicated depth we get into her character and this story is that she falls through space a lot. How you feel about the movie Avatar (the one with the blue people, not M. Night Shamalan's Career Suicide Note Part 5)  is likely a very good indicator of how you'll feel this movie. If you crave big, beautiful storytelling you'll love it, and if you care about stupid things like dialogue or human emotion or character or wit or inventiveness in story, then you may be frustrated with it. It's still worth seeing for what it accomplishes, but it's far from out of this world.

Stars: 2.5 out of 5 

How does it compare to other movies in space?

Worse than: Moon, Alien

Better than: Jason X (by a hair) 

As good as: Apollo 13