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Allie's Running the Boston Marathon!

Hello movie fans!

I am writing today on a slightly non-movie related note.  Well, alright, pretty much a completely non-movie related note.

I am running the BOSTON MARATHON this April with a charity team that is a leading cancer institute in Boston and spearheads innovative cancer research.  I am running in honor and in memory of two of my grandparents, both of whom passed away from cancer.

Why am I posting this here?  Because I need your fundraising help!

Here is the link to my page:


For $1,

we'll explain the ending of Inception to you.

For $5,

you can explain the ending of Inception to us.

For $10,

if you comment online that a horrible movie is great, we'll back you up and pretend that it's good.

For $15,

we'll watch a Ben Affleck movie and review it (you know I'd work my fave Boston guy in here somehow!).

For $25,

we'll rewrite famous film quotes to make them about you (e.g., "Here's looking at you Chad," "You had me at Helen," "Frankly My Dear, I don't Give a Dan").

For $50,

we'll make a personalized movie recommendation suited to your taste.

For $100,

we'll watch a movie of your choice and review it.

For $250,

we'll write a 5-page screenplay about you, based on any direction that you give us.

If you make a donation, please comment below so that we can make good on our promise to you!