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December 20 - Christmas Movie Countdown

December 20: The Family Stone

For a movie that has such an A-list cast, this one isn't that great...but it grew on me.  As I've mentioned before, I love re-watching movies, so even though this didn't particularly captivate me the first time.  Upon the second and third views, the movie dug a hole in my heart and now I enjoy it.  I do think it was advertised wrong--this movie is sad, don't let the whimsical DVD fool you--but it does have its moments.

I am copying Bob's format (again, oops) and making a list of better/worse films by the actors in this movie:

-Claire Danes - My So-Called Life is a classic that cannot be topped

-Diane Keaton - I am one of only a few people who like Because I Said So, but I believe it's better than The Family Stone.  Diane Keaton is great in everything

-Sarah Jessica Parker - Carrie's shoes are better

-Luke Wilson - In my opinion, his peak was Legally Blonde 

-Rachel McAdams - Obviously Mean Girls and The Notebook are her better movies.  So fetch

-Dermot Mulroney - plays the same character in every movie

Place on Allie's most-traditionally-watched list: 10