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December 17 - Christmas Movie Countdown

December 17: A Charlie Brown Christmas


A classic, plain and simple.


A ranking of the A Charlie Brown Christmas characters:


6. Pigpen: Pigpen doesn’t have a large role in the Christmas special, but he does have a lot of dirt swirling around him (as always) that someone justifies as old dirt from important people.  Any kid who can justify not taking a bath is pretty cool.


5. Charlie Brown: Charlie Brown is, I’m sorry, quite whiny in this film.  I understand that he’s bummed about being alone and he doesn’t like the commercialism of Christmas.  As we were watching this movie, though, Bob pointed out that it’s funny the moral of the film revolves around the commercialism of Christmas and it was made almost 50 years ago….  It’s only going to get worse in the 50 years after your movie was made, Charlie Brown.


4. Sally: “Please note the size and color of each item, and send as many as possible.  If it seems too complicated, make it easy on yourself: just send money.  How about tens and twenties?”


3. Snoopy: Snoopy is wonderful because he’s a dog (obviously).  Because he loves decorating for Christmas.  And because he has an awesome dance number in the middle of the special.


2. Lucy: Lucy is just a great character.  She’s sassy, she’s smart, she knows what she wants and she gets it.  She’s a little bit mean (I wouldn’t really want to hang with her), but that’s part of her charm.  Any character who deems herself the “Christmas Queen” gets an A+ in my book for confidence.


1. Linus: Aside from his skill at turning his blanket into a shepherd’s headpiece, Linus has talent in wrapping up this whole Christmas special.  He tells the audience the story of Christmas, and that is perhaps the most famous (and most important, if you're religious) speech from the whole special.


Place on Allie’s most-traditionally-watched list: 6

Best quote: See above re: Sally.  Also, “I can tell you what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.”