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December 16 - Christmas Movie Countdown

December 16: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000 version)

First off, let’s get this out of the way: Taylor Momsen plays Cindy Lou Who, and she’s also in Gossip Girl as the super annoying younger sister of Blake Lively’s love interest.  I think Momsen peaked as Cindy Lou.

This remake, I think, cannot be compared to the original cartoon version that I discussed yesterday.  Not that it is much better or much worse—it is just incredibly different.  It’s a feature film so it’s filled out with subplots and new characters, but the real gems of this movie are the costume, makeup, and set departments.  Sure, the acting is fine, but it’s pretty impressive that this whole world was created and it looks so realistic:


 The Grinch story is so iconic that it’s become an everyday phrase—if you tell someone they’re being a Grinch, they’ll know what you’re talking about.  There are Pinterest boards dedicated to Grinch desserts (including grapes topped with strawberries to look like Grinch-Santa) and Grinch-Cindy Lou is a classic couple’s Halloween costume.  But I think the “lesson” of the Grinch is what makes it so timeless.  “Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn't come from a store.  Maybe Christmas, he thought, means a little bit more” is the famous line at the end of the movie, and I’ve found that as I’ve grown up, Christmas has far exceeded the joy of opening presents.  Sure, that’s fun too, but that’s not what I love about Christmas.  I see everyone that I care about in the one-week span of Christmas—my friends, Bob’s family, my family.  The traditions that I implement with my family (5 a.m. bread missions), with Bob’s family (board game marathons), with Bob (the Nutcracker and fancy dinner) and the visits with people that I love are what I look forward to.  Just like the Who-people cut the roast beast every year and just enjoy being together, so do I.  Maybe I’m a little Who-person in the making.


Place on Allie’s most-traditionally-watched list: 7

Best character: Max, duh

Best hairdo: Cindy Lou, with her gravity-defying updo. 

We all wish we could have her hair.

We all wish we could have her hair.