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December 12 - Christmas Movie Countdown

December 12: Love Actually

Love Actually spawned a bunch of knock-offs (New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day) that don’t hold a candle to this Brit-infused classic.  I’ve loved this movie for so long it’s hard to write anything new about it (especially because I wrote an anniversary feature about it last year!).  So I thought it would be fun to analyze some of the intersecting storylines:

·         Keira Knightly – the eternal question: why does she kiss him?  I didn’t think of this (I accept Love Actually with no questions asked) but Bob did and now I can’t stop thinking about it.  Sure, the signs are nice, but it’s still cheating on her husband.  And she doesn’t even like him.  There seems to be no point except to make people watching feel better about hating her for being so skinny.

·         Liam Neeson – he and Emma Thompson are friends but should be more than friends, since she’s so nice to him and her husband sucks

·         Does Emma Thompson only get one small gift from her husband each year?

·         Why did her husband pick that ugly necklace for his crush?

·         Why wasn’t Ben Affleck in this movie?

·         Do none of these families have any plans on Christmas Eve?  Why are they all free to go to a school pageant?  Why wasn’t this scheduled before Christmas vacation?

·         Doesn’t Hugh Grant have Natalie’s address somewhere on file?

·         Why is Colin Firth still using a typewriter?


And, lastly, a couple of fun facts: originally, Sam (Liam Neeson’s stepson) was supposed to be an angel.  The actor is now 24. 


Place on Allie’s most-traditionally-watched list: 1

Best quote: “There was more than one Lobster present at the birth of Jesus?”

Best moment: To me, you are perfect.

Best time to watch: November 1 - December 25

Best activity while watching: If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen this movie 5,000 times, so sometimes I like to multi-task while watching.  I recommend baking – by the end of this chick flick, you’re going to want something sweet.  This site has my favorite chocolate cake recipe, other than my mom’s, and that’s not getting posted online (it’s top-secret).  Garnish with some peppermints and call it a Christmas cake to give to your honey or your handsome neighbor.