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December 11 - Christmas Movie Countdown

“The Best Chrismukkah Ever” episode of “The O.C.”

Where's the dog in this picture-perfect family card?

Where's the dog in this picture-perfect family card?

I realize that this isn’t a movie, but I don’t care.  If you know me at all (or read my feature yesterday) you knew this was going to make the list.  And I’m talking about the first season episode—not the subsequent ones they made to try to keep the show in the top rankings.  The first season brought this term into the public mindset and sparked a variety of Chrismukkah-themed parties and gifts.  Have a Jewish friend but you celebrate Christmas?  Jewish but your friend wants a Christmas tree?  Not a problem anymore. 

Although the advent of this phenomenon was cool, the beauty in the first Chrismukkah episode of “The O.C.” was the freshness of the show itself.  Before it got somewhat stale in later seasons, this show had snappy writing and engaging characters, and Seth (and Adam Brody) shines through in this episode.  The writers gave him a lot to play with and he really amped up Seth’s character in this episode.  Plus we get to meet Oliver.  Oy humbug.

Place on Allie’s most-traditionally-watched list: 2

Best quote: “Oy humbug.”

Questionable moment: Why does Marissa steal things such as jewelry and a watch?  Can’t she pawn one of her jewelry pieces off and be able to actually buy this stuff?  Oh wait, that’s a storyline explored in a later season.  #Spoileralert