Movie Double Take

Movies Are Good!

Movie Double Take is a Year Old!

Today marks Movie Double Take’s first anniversary!  Here are some notable things for the occasion:

In the past year….

Frances Ha has made me lose my will to live

Bradley Cooper obtained perfectly symmetrical curls that all girls envy

Love Actually celebrated its double-digit birthday

Ben Affleck further justified why I have his signed photo on my desk

Quiz Kid Donnie Smith made it to Bob’s Hall of Fame

…and Joaquin Phoenix learned the necessity of having a cell charger with you at all times.

Here are some predictions for the next year:

Katniss will still crave a cheeseburger


Gillian Flynn will haunt us with another girl

Meryl Streep will try to change the fact that Mamma Mia! is her highest grossing movie

Bob will watch at least one more Nicholas Sparks movie

….and Joaquin’s mind will explode from the iPhone 6