Movie Double Take

Movies Are Good!

We are writers (with equally glamorous day jobs in marketing and insurance). Bob enjoys cheese, board games, and cheese. Allie likes baking and loves dogs. Reach us at

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Favorite Movies:  Being John Malkovich, Sling Blade, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Magnolia, Pulp Fiction

Favorite Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Worst Movies You've Paid to See:  Identity Thief, Couples Retreat

Worst Movie Allie Has Dragged You to See: Bad Moms Christmas

All Time Favorite Movie Theater:  Crandall Theatre in Chatham, NY 



Favorite Movies:  Mean Girls, Forrest Gump, Jerry Maguire, The Town, Argo, Love Actually

Favorite Genre(s): Horror, Romance, Drama

Worst Movies You've Paid to See: Identity Thief

Worst Movie Bob Has Dragged You to See:  High Rise, Anomalisa

All Time Favorite Movie Theater: Somerville Theatre


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