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December 20 - Christmas Movie Countdown

December 20: The Family Stone

For a movie that has such an A-list cast, this one isn't that great...but it grew on me.  As I've mentioned before, I love re-watching movies, so even though this didn't particularly captivate me the first time.  Upon the second and third views, the movie dug a hole in my heart and now I enjoy it.  I do think it was advertised wrong--this movie is sad, don't let the whimsical DVD fool you--but it does have its moments.

I am copying Bob's format (again, oops) and making a list of better/worse films by the actors in this movie:

-Claire Danes - My So-Called Life is a classic that cannot be topped

-Diane Keaton - I am one of only a few people who like Because I Said So, but I believe it's better than The Family Stone.  Diane Keaton is great in everything

-Sarah Jessica Parker - Carrie's shoes are better

-Luke Wilson - In my opinion, his peak was Legally Blonde 

-Rachel McAdams - Obviously Mean Girls and The Notebook are her better movies.  So fetch

-Dermot Mulroney - plays the same character in every movie

Place on Allie's most-traditionally-watched list: 10

December 19 - Christmas Movie Countdown

December 19: Four Christmases

I really don’t remember much of this movie except I didn’t like it, which is odd because I like Vince and Reese (I even follow the latter on Instagram; I’m cool).  The premise of the movie is interesting--a couple has to travel to multiple places for their holiday cheer --but the movie itself was kind of flat and boring.

I'm going to copy what Bob does for his reviews, and let you know how this ranks in terms of Reese movies: 

Funner than Cruel Intentions

Less funny than Legally Blonde

Worse clothing than Sweet Home Alabama.


Place on Allie’s most-traditionally-watched list: 11

December 18 - Christmas Movie Countdown

December 18: I’ll Be Home For Christmas

**I cannot insert an image.  Technical difficulties.  You will just need to imagine Jonathan Taylor Thomas' face on the move poster.


I started watching this last year with Bob’s family, and we went to go do something else (the movie doesn't really make you want to sit down and really focus on it for two hours) and never saw the ending.  I don’t know if Jonathan Taylor Thomas makes it home for Christmas.  I am determined to find out this year.

Other than that cliffhanger, we have to discuss the horrible dialogue, mismatched plot, and casting of Jonathan Taylor Thomas in what must be the height of his career.  This movie is terrible, but it still makes Christmas movie lists and the Netflix queue (although, based on the demise of Netflix’s available movies, that doesn’t really say much).  We can talk about how Jonathan is whiney and annoying.  We can contemplate all the better ‘90s movies, including the Disney Channel Original movies.  But really, here are a few more interesting things: when you Google “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” this movie comes up before the Bing Crosby song.  The film was released in 1998, which means it’s 16 years old (yet still, so timeless).

Place on Allie’s most-traditionally-watched list: 13 – technically not on the list, though, since I have not yet seen the ending!!